Personal Update for /September 3, 2018

This is the last night of my vacation. Tomorrow, it’s back to work. I truly got a ton out of this vacation. I did things I haven’t been doing lately, I learned some important lessons, and I forgot about work for 10 days.

Now that vacation is basically over, I’m slowly starting to think about work. There are, of course, things I’m not looking forward to facing. But there are projects I believe can make the kind of difference I want to make. So, it’s time for me to work again. After all, work makes the vacations even better.

Here are the things I really enjoyed about the vacation:

  • I have been truly enjoying regularly updating this site.
  • I have read more in the last 10 days than I think I read in the previous month.
  • I spent more time online dating than I have done in a very long time.
  • Ufi and I played a lot more fetch than we have played in many weeks.
  • I gave Emma a couple of long tummy rubs.
  • I even got Scorpio to stay in the right place so I could give him a long touching.
  • I got to have more talks with Mom than I have during a work week.
  • We had a wonderful barbecue with Aunt Barb and Eve today.
  • I played basketball a few times.
  • I took a couple of long naps with Mr. Rogers. They reminded me of the day I got my job.

Now for the things I learned this vacation.

  • I need to finally make a serious effort to overcome my lifelong battle with insomnia.
  • I have to figure out how to continue updating this website and find a bigger platform for my ideas than simply going to work. I’m glad to have my job, but it doesn’t let me make the kind of difference the last 10 days have shown me I can make.
  • I am going to consider some kind of specialty dating site; maybe, it will be for political progressives or people who aren’t religious. That’s to be determined.

That’s really the end of this vacation. I won’t have another for at least six months. Hopefully, the momentom and the lessons learned will carry over. If they do, my next vacation may look quite a bit different than this excellent vacation looked.

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