Shadow has Come so Far

It has been months since I have given an update on Shadow. For those who don’t remember, Shadow is a dog we rescued from an abusive, neglectful situation. The plan was to find a rescue group that would get him the help he needed adjusting and learning to socialize before finding him a new home. When that didn’t work, we decided to try to keep him. Mom and I wouldn’t let an animal die if we could help it. As the title indicates, Shadow has come so far!

Mom deserves almost all the credit for Shadow’s amazing transformation. Honestly, I think she missed her calling. Clearly, she would have made one hell of a dog trainer.

For me, all I can say is that I wouldn’t let him get euthanized. Sure, I was frustrated by all that went into rehabilitating him. Yes, I felt like I was giving up on getting a guide dog until I learned that wasn’t close to happening anyway. But at least I was willing to keep fighting through my own frustration to keep him alive when so many said I should give up on him.

But Mom and Shadow are the real stories here. They truly love each other. Through their love, Shadow has certainly helped Mom face Scorpio’s death, Shadow is hardly recognizable.

He has begun playing with another dog. He is getting used to Mr. Rogers, our cat. We haven’t tried him around Mr. Rogers without his muzzle, but that’s coming.

Shadow is not really mean. He learned to believe he had to defend himself and he had no idea how to socialize. Slowly, we are seeing the sweet boy he is emerge.

Mom and I wouldn’t go through this months-long process again. Even she will admit it has been hard sometimes. But watching Shadow go from a dog everyone said should be euthanized, or that he would never be an inside dog to a pet who can now be left alone with Aunt Barb’s dog Hobbit is amazing.

Personally, I admire the love and patience Mom has shown. I know I couldn’t have done what she has done with Shadow.

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