Personal Updates for May 16, 2021

This post has updates on my failed experience hosting a room in Clubhouse, my birthday, our friend Walter visiting, and the nice weather.

Hosting a Room in Clubhouse

As I said yesterday, I planned to host a room in Clubhouse. I was hoping to have interesting discussions and meet new people interested in politics. I tweeted about the meeting twice, and news of the meeting was tweeted by three other people. But no one came to my meeting. I waited 10 minutes before leaving and ending the room.

Obviously, no one wants to be the first person in a possibly tense political discussion, especially if they don’t know the person hosting. In Clubhouse, like everywhere, I’m not exactly Mr. popular. So, my less than 60 followers may not get the job done. That’s especially true when I don’t even know some of them at all.

Even though today’s effort failed, I’m not giving up on the idea. It’s an interesting platform that offers me the chance to get my messages out without people being distracted by video and the fact that I’m blind.

The next time I set up a meeting, I’m going to see if I can get a couple of people to agree to join the room right away. I think that will help attract people. If you’re interested in helping, let me know.

My birthday

For my birthday, I’m taking off the 27th and 28th. With those days falling right before the Memorial Day weekend, I’ll have a nice five-day break. I’m not expecting anything too different to happen. But the break and the delicious birthday dinner and cake will be treats.

I already got my presents from Mom and Aunt Barb. Mom gave me a glider so I can sit on the porch and relax. Mr. Rogers enjoys sitting on it with me. It’s nice having comfortable places in front and back.

Barb gave me zipper sheets that even I haven’t been able to pull off the bed. It’s nice having sheets that stay covering the bed.

Walter visiting

Walter and his roommate Rodney used to live across the street from us in a group home. They had to move away about 18 months ago. Still, we have them for every holiday and Mom visits them a couple of times a month and brings them food.

Today, they showed up unannounced with Bonnie, the person helping them today. Walter, who always talks to Mom on the phone, said he thought they should visit us because she always goes there. It was such a thoughtful gesture. It made Mom happy to be thought of in that way. It made me realize I should go with her to visit them more than I do.

The Nice Weather

I just had to give a shoutout to the beautiful weather we have had this weekend. It has been the nicest weekend we have had in several. I’m sad to know it’s going to get much cooler and that the rain will return. But to have such a nice weekend was a true treat. I have really enjoyed playing lots of basketball and simply sitting outside.

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