Shadow is doing Very Well

Shadow is a rottweiler mix Mom and I rescued from a difficult situation more than a month ago. At the time, he showed signs of fear and serious aggression toward other animals.

I’m happy to report that today Shadow has come a long way. I’m now confident he could make a great pet in the right situation.

The current plan, as I understand it, is for him to be with us for another two weeks while Mom introduces him to a puppy. At that point, Shadow will go to live with the puppy..

So far, they have played three times without incident, but Shadow has warn a muzzle. Over the next few days, Mom will try removing the muzzle to see if Shadow will play nicely without it.

Assuming he effectively bonds with the puppy, Shadow should be in his new home in about two weeks.

Getting him to a new home is necessary because Shadow really loves rough dog play. Scorpio has never played. Now that he’s eleven and dealing with spinal arthritis, being jumped on could be dangerous to his health.

Shadow still occasionally growls at Mr. Rogers, who is understandably afraid of him.

Since Scorpio and Mr. Rogers aren’t comfortable around Shadow, he needs a new forever home. If the placement with the puppy doesn’t work, he will need to be surrendered to a rescue group. Mom really doesn’t want that to happen. She loves Shadow and wants to be able to see him.

Keep your fingers crossed for Shadow. With a bit of luck, he will wind up having been saved from a life of neglect and given a home where he will have a friend and where he will make a wonderful pet.

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