Personal Updates for December First, 2020

This post has updates about my exercise, the job I applied for, and a job I would like to have someday.

My Exercise

I have met my exercise goals for 173 consecutive days. I have lost my average of 75 minutes of exercise every day, but I’m still meeting my goals. Most days, I’m easily meeting my goals. My current average is 66 minutes of exercise each day.

While I would have liked to have maintained the 75 minutes a day target, I need to be realistic. That is very hard to reach between working and the shorter days.

Still, I reach that goal when I can do it. I have done at least 75 minutes of exercise on five of the last seven days. My average falls because when I miss I miss by a lot. When I hit I barely hit.

At this point, I’m happy to be doing a good amount of exercise every day. I really look forward to closing the rings on my Apple Watch.

A Job I Applied For

I applied for an accessibility specialist position in the Portland Water Bureau. I believe the position could let me come closer to reaching my potential while enabling me to do more good for people with disabilities than my current position allows.

For additional benefits, I would get a higher classification and a raise too. So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

I survived the first round of interviews. My second round interview is on Monday, December 7. I should find out within days of my interview if I got the job.

A Job I Would Like Someday

I may have written about this before, but I can’t remember. Someday, I would like to run a state agency for the blind. In Oregon, it’s called the Oregon Commission for the Blind (OCB). To my knowledge, OCB has never been run by a blind person. That is wrong.

If we are going to inspire young blind people to reach their potential and fight through discrimination, they need examples of success. Having the agency that provides them assistance and training be perpetually run by sighted people sends the wrong message.

As someone who has benefited from OCB services, I believe I could set the right example, educate the public about our capabilities, and run an agency that treats blind people with respect and dignity while watching and fighting for tax dollars.

The more I think about this, the more convinced I become that this is the job where I could make a great difference and reach my potential. Sadly, I’m not sure I will get the job. I believe it’s political. But I will spend time thinking about what I may do to increase my chances. Obviously, this isn’t going to be an overnight thing. But it’s the right thing to seek.


That’s what I have for now. I hope all of you are hanging in there.

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