Personal Updates for August 29, 2020

This post has updates on my vacation, thinking about getting a new dog, and my exercise.

My Vacation

This is the first day of my vacation. Thanks to Labor Day, I get an extra day. I don’t have to work again until September eighth. Given how frustrating work has become, I’m really glad for the time off.

The biggest substantive thing I have planned is looking at skills I could develop and/or certifications I could pursue that could potentially open more career opportunities for me. While I love the idea of doing disability work, I have become convinced I am unlikely to find an employment opportunity, especially if I stay in Portland, that will allow me to make a real difference in people’s lives and use the abilities I have. So, I’m going to start looking into other possible fields of employment.

For relaxation, I’m going to continue with my exercise, work on this website, read, watch sports, and, of course, enjoy more time with my loved ones.

Thinking About a new Dog

We have begun seriously discussing the adoption of a new dog. Thanks to Emma, we have known the next dog we would adopt would be a great Pyrenees.

Today, Mom, Aunt Barb, and I went through several adoption listings. For a reason that I don’t understand, I was interested in adopting a nine-year-old. That surprised me because of all the illness we have been dealing with in our beloved animals for more than a year. Still, the idea of helping an older girl who may have trouble finding a home was attractive to me.

Mom, for reasons I totally understand, isn’t sure she’s up to that. She is thinking about a younger dog.

We also had a discussion about how Scorpio would react to a new dog, especially a younger dog with lots of energy. This is one of those times we really wish they could talk to us.

For today, nothing was decided. But this house wouldn’t be the same without a dog.

My Exercise

Today was the 79th consecutive day I have reached my exercise goals. I have met the goals every day since Ufi died.

This week, I set a personal best with 342 minutes on the elliptical. I’m going to take tomorrow off from the elliptical. On Monday, I will begin increasing the resistance. I don’t want my body getting too used to what I’m doing.

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