I Won’t be Getting a Dog Guide Soon

In I’m not Ready I discussed how I felt about regularly being asked when I would get a new dog shortly after Ufi got sick. Since he has been gone for more than two months, I thought I should provide an update on this.

While I expect I will someday have another dog guide, I have no plans to have another dog guide soon. Part of the reason is the pandemic. The schools aren’t really placing dogs now, and I don’t go enough places to really need a service animal now.

But the main reason is I’m not emotionally ready to do the work I would want and need to do with a new guide dog. Ufi was such a great friend and worker. I’m just not feeling like I’m ready to give a new relationship with another dog guide what I know it would require and the dog would deserve.

Given the expected long delays in getting a new dog guide, I may apply for a new dog sooner than I may otherwise do so, but I’m not wanting one soon.

When I am ready, I will want another German shepherd. They are my favorite dogs. Ivor, my first guide, and Ufi are both so special to me. I know the shepherd is the breed for me.

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