Personal Updatesfor March 30, 2019

This isn’t a happy personal update; in fact, it’s the saddest one I have written. Animals are wonderful friends. Watching them get old is so hard though.

Emma hurt her leg a few weeks ago. Since then she hasn’t been walking as well. Since yesterday, things have taken a turn for the worst. She wouldn’t eat her dinner last night or tonight. Anyone who knows Emma knows how bad a sign a lack of appetite is for her.

Today, we haven’t seen her drink any water. I think everyone knows what a bad sign not drinking water can become.

When I tried rubbing her tummy, something she always loves, Emma didn’t do much. Even when I stopped rubbing, something that always got her to nudge me, she stayed pretty still.

If she doesn’t drink by morning, she will have to go to the emergency vet. She needs fluids. Maybe it’s just an illness. Maybe fluids will get her going again. For some reason, I’m not so sure.

Ever since I got Mr. Rogers, I have known his left eye was an issue. Apparently, he has had problems with it for years. Recently, it has been growing and it has been described to me as looking infected.

Yesterday, he went to the vet. Next Friday, his eye will be removed. They are thinking it’s glaucoma and that removal of the eye will make him better. But there is a chance it has become a tumor.

Today, even though it was sunny, he stayed in my bed more than usual. Eventually, he ate and he is now outside. At this point, I’m thinking glaucoma is the most likely outcome. As long as his eye doesn’t rupture before we can get the surgery, Mr. Rogers should be all right. Still, I’m worried that he’s starting to suffer.

It has been a crappy weekend. I don’t have a lot of hope for it getting better. I know I will be up with Emma all night looking for reasons to feel better about her situation than I’m feeling now.

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