Personal Updates for April 2, 2019

After my last personal update, I thought I would share news about Emma and Mr. Rogers.

Emma had rebounded. She was eating, drinking, and looking for pets. So, I thought she had been depressed; maybe, we hadn’t been giving her enough attention. I spent extra time rubbing her tummy.

Today, she has gone backward. She didn’t eat her dinner. She won’t get off the couch. we are nervous again.

All we can do is watch her and hope for the best. The fact that she had seemingly gotten better and is struggling now is upsetting.

Mr. Rogers is acting normal. He is having his eye removed on Friday. Keeping him inside for two weeks is going to be very difficult. I’m worried I may let him out by accident; he’s so quiet. I’m really going to have to focus on where he is when I’m going outside.

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