A Scare with Emma

For a long time, Emma has been gaining weight. Even though she has always been lazy, I have been thinking her unwillingness to move has been getting worse. We have had her for more than four years, and we don’t have any idea of her age. Given that she had puppies before showing up in… Continue reading A Scare with Emma

Watching Emma Get Old

In Introducing Emma I shared the story of how a lovable great Pyrenees showed up in Mom’s yard one morning. Nearly three years later, “the beautiful white one” as I call her has made a special impression on those of us lucky enough to love her.

Introducing Emma

On August 1, 2014, Mom saw a filthy dog lying outside her door. She approached the large, white dog with a little bit of caution. When she got near, the dog lifted its arm. Knowing it only wanted a tummy rub, Mom instantly liked her unexpected houseguest.