A Scare with Emma

For a long time, Emma has been gaining weight. Even though she has always been lazy, I have been thinking her unwillingness to move has been getting worse. We have had her for more than four years, and we don’t have any idea of her age. Given that she had puppies before showing up in Mom’s yard, it’s likely Emma’s reasonably old. But today was scary.

When we got ready to take our morning walk, Emma couldn’t’ get off the floor by herself. Eventually, I had to lift her back end. Once on her feet, Emma walked fine, but she didn’t want any part of the extra walk Mom was offering.

As I write this, I’m hoping to see her get off the carpet on her own. As long as she can do that, the problem is limited to the tile floor. If that’s the case, we can get carpets to cover the tile. If she can’t get off the carpet, it’s a pretty serious medical issue.

Helping her off the floor was a flashback to the roughly year I was helping Ivor deal with his arthritis. That was an experience I never wanted to repeat.

For now, I’ll assume she can get up off the carpet on her own and plan to get carpeting for the hallways. I will also think about getting her examined by our vet; maybe, Emma could use some pain medicine. One thing is certain, Emma is going on a diet. We need to do everything we can to keep this from becoming terrible. She is also going to have two daily walks as often as we can give them to her.

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