Introducing Emma

Emma sitting in Mom s yard
On August 1, 2014, Mom saw a filthy dog lying outside her door. She approached the large, white dog with a little bit of caution. When she got near, the dog lifted its arm. Knowing it only wanted a tummy rub, Mom instantly liked her unexpected houseguest.

Our vet told Mom Emma is a great pyrenees. She also said she had to go to an animal shelter. Maybe someone was looking for her. The shelter said they had to keep the dog for five days.

While she was at the shelter, Mom and I knew Emma may not come back, but we couldn’t stop ourselves from hoping. Mom’s words alone were enough for me to know I would love Emma.

Five days later, the shelter called and said Emma hadn’t been claimed and that she would be euthanized the next morning. There was no way Mom would let that happen. She brought Emma home and gave her a bath.

The next afternoon, I went to Mom’s and met Emma for the first time. The instant Emma’s arm went up for me, I was in love with the beautiful white one.

Every time I see her, Emma sits in front of me. As soon as I touch her, she flops over and lifts her arm. I am proud to say that I am enough of a sucker to rub her tummy more than anyone. Sometimes, I will rub her tummy for more than thirty minutes; I want her to know that the rest of her life will be filled with the love we suspect she was denied during her early years. That’s the least I can do for a special friend who always makes me smile.

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