Introducing Scorpio

Scorpio with his ears up
As a teenager, my mom was the first girl trainer at Multnomah Greyhound Park. While she was pregnant with my twin and I, the greyhounds were one of her biggest sources of support. For decades after leaving the track, Mom thought about adopting a greyhound.

In September of 2012, Mom adopted Scorpio. Scorp, as we call him, came to Oregon from a track in Florida. Fortunately for him, Scorp flunked out of the program before racing. So, he doesn’t have any of the health problems that are too common in greyhounds.

If you don’t love Scorpio, you don’t love dogs. From his almost constantly wagging tail to the way he rushes to see you, Scorp makes sure you know he loves you.

When Mom first got him, Scorp was a little skittish. Now, he will lay next to your chair and gently scratch your arm or nibble your hand if you don’t pet him.

He loves car rides so much that Mom often lets him rest in the car. He will stay there for hours hoping for his ride.

The first time I met Scorp didn’t go well. He walked into the apartment where I was living and took a dump. In the nearly five years since, he has never done anything like that again and we have become great friends.

If you love dogs, please consider adopting a greyhound. Their lives as racers aren’t easy. But they are very special animals who will warm your heart and bring lots of joy to your life.

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