Scorpio is Gone

Writing my painful goodbye to our beloved Scorpio, I’m sitting on the floor next to his bed. Trying to best share my feelings about a wonderful friend and our sudden loss, I need to be close to him.

Sitting in the place where I sat so often to rub his side just feels right.

We first met Scorpio in September of 2012. At the time, Mom wanted to give a greyhound his forever home.

When Mom first met Scorpio, the rescue group wondered if he would be too much for her. He had already been returned twice. But Mom knew Scorp was her baby.

Eight years and Five months later, all of us lucky enough to have been close to Scorp know that instead of Mom giving Scorp a forever home, Scorp became our forever greyhound.

Scorp wasn’t a leader. He was kind of a pushover. But he was as as loving and good as any being could have been. When you were in his presence, especially after you hadn’t seen him for at least 15 minutes, Scorp made you feel like the most special person on earth. Even Randy Coursey who didn’t care if Scorp lived or died was welcomed with the joy and excitement only Scorp could bring to a reunion.

The little dances, the constantly whipping tail, the excited panting, the nudges with his head–Scorp made everyone who knew him feel love we too rarely feel.

Sitting in the quiet, touching his bed, a flood of memories flow through my mind. With tears rolling down my cheeks, I know the memories I’m considering will someday be sources of laughter. They will someday calm me as I remember a gentle soul who in so many ways was kinder than me.

Days will come when I remember the love and kindness that defined Scorp, and I will focus on how much I learned from having been loved by him.

Those happy memories and useful lessons cannot dominate my thought processes now. All I can think about right now is the knife cutting pain of having lost one of my few true friends so suddenly and with no real warning.

In future posts, I will write a goodbye letter to Scorp, and I will cover what has been happening with him. For now, I just want to feel my pain, grieve my loss, and think of one of the best, kindest beings I will ever have the fortune to know.

I will always love you Scorp. You will always hold a privileged place in my heart. I will never have another Scorpio. But I will be forever grateful to have had you as my forever greyhound.


  1. I’m very sorry to hear of your loss. It’s so hard to say goodbye to a good friend. 🙁

    Only distantly related, but I clicked on your blog because I’m an EX-twitter participant who still lurks there to try and keep up with Greens in other states and around the world. (I saw you in LeBeau’s feed.) I am involved with the Pacific Greens, but not in any official capacity. I’m more of a “Green on the street.” 😉 You’re welcome to contact me if you feel like it, though this is a hectic week and I may not respond right away. If you don’t have time, that’s fine, too. Just know that it did my heart good to see your interest in the GP. I immediately felt less alone. Best.

    1. Amy, I would love to meet another Oregonian Green. When you have time, use the contact form and let me know how you would like me to reach you. I look forward to hearing from you.

      1. You are welcome to use the email included when I submit these comments. Whenever you have a moment.

        Also, Nathalie Paravicini is a Portlander who ran for local office in this most recent elections. She’s also been on the PGP’s SCC board until relatively recently, and she helps manage this page:

        You can find her on Twitter as well as paravicini4sos . She might be a good person to reach out to as well. Thanks!

        1. Amy, I am not getting an email address. I am getting a social media site I have never heard of before.

          I have submitted an application for the Pacific Greens. I am waiting for a response.

  2. I”m so sorry to learn about the loss of Scorpio. I hope you and your mom can get through the loss, and know that another little fur soul will be waiting for a forever home. Such a loss is so hard to take; I’m still sad about the loss of our Michael, and Sonny, and Sam, all within a couple of years. But I know they are watching us, just as Ufi & Scorp is watching over you all. Tell your mom I think of her quite often.

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