AOC Represents her District

This post is a follow-up post to the one I wrote about Pelosi representing her district. As you will see, the demographics of AOC’s district make it an excellent one for her.

My hope is that by sharing posts like these, I can demonstrate that there is data to support what Congress does–even if it’s terrible–and that we could use that data to understand how to replace a number of those not adequately serving us.

Points About the Data

  • The data presented here comes from a website that allows you to get demographic information for any congressional district.
  • The information is based on data from the 2019 American Community Survey (ACS) and estimates of data published by the Census Bureau.
  • As with all data published by ACS, the data presented here is not considered the most statistically valid data.
  • Still, it is regularly used and readily available.
  • While it may not be the most accurate, It’s accurate enough to paint a picture and to make effective comparisons.
  • As with every governmental program, Census data does not accurately represent POCs, people with disabilities, people living in poverty, and more.
  • I’m presenting this data, because it tells an important story and it is relied on by all kinds of governmental institutions.
  • Since the data is estimated, the numbers will not always perfectly add to a hundred percent.

Racial Composition of AOC’s District

AOC represents New York’s 14th Congressional district. The estimated population of the district is 696,664.

Race Estimate
White 288,342
Hispanic or Latino 347,621
Asian 124,209
Black or African American 72,978

Notes on the Racial Composition of AOC’s District

The only thing that jumps off the page here is that there are more people identifying as Hispanic or Latino in AOC’s district than there are people identifying as white. Obviously, this was a huge advantage when AOC ran against an old white man.

Socio Economic Data for AOC’s District

  • Median household income in AOC’s district, $66,749
  • Mean Household income, $84,981
  • People without health insurance, 77,555
  • Families living below the Federal Poverty Level, 8.8%

Notes on Socio Economic Data

  • The Median income is the income level where half the people earn more than that number and half the people earn less.
  • In 2019, the median income in the United States was $68,703.
  • In AOC’s district, the median income is less than the median income for the nation as a whole. Since New York is one of the most expensive states for someone to live, these folks are hurting much more than they would in another state.
  • The mean income is calculated by dividing the amount of total household income by the number of households.
  • The number of uninsured in AOC’s district is more than double that in Pelosi’s district.
  • In 2019, the poverty rate for the nation was 10.5%, while AOC’s district has a poverty rate lower than the national average, it’s nearly four percentage points higher than the poverty rate in Pelosi’s district


As you have seen, AOC’s district is an excellent fit for a Latinx candidate who advocates progressive policies designed to help those government has a history of abusing and neglecting.

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