Personal Updates for August 9, 2020

This update covers my exercise, the return of live sports, and more thoughts of Ufi.

My Exercise

The day Ufi died, I kept thinking of his determination. I told myself if he could fight through a tumor in his leg and all the medical conditions he had, I could stay with an exercise routine.

Today, I met my exercise goals for the 59th consecutive day. I have met my goals every day since Ufi died. Given the nice weather, I have played lots of basketball. Given the need for more cardio I have done many sessions on my elliptical. Most days, I’m exercising for well over an hour. Today, for example, I exercised for a total of 83 minutes.

Obviously, I have a way to go. But Ufi has given me one more gift. Thanks to his example, I’m working harder than I ever have on my fitness.

The Return of Live Sports

I really missed sports. So, I’m enjoying the baseball and hockey a lot. Even though the baseball season is becoming a joke, I appreciate the entertainment. The hockey playoffs are always a treat.

More Thoughts of Ufi

I have had a few dreams of Ufi lately. Sadly, they weren’t good ones. The worst one was me dreaming he died again. When I woke up from that one, I couldn’t get back to sleep.

On the whole, I think I have adjusted to his loss as well as I could have adjusted. There are times, though, when the pain still feels very raw. The dreams are, I guess, another way I’m trying to work through the pain. I’m looking forward to a time when my dreams of Ufi involve the good times. I really don’t need to relive his death again.

That’s all I have for now. I hope you are well.

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