Happy Birthday Scorpio

Friday was Scorpio’s 11th birthday. Given that it was his first birthday he would celebrate with us and Ufi not being here, we really wanted to make it special.

Friday evening, we had barbecued hamburgers, Scorpio just loved them. Saturday morning, Mom and I took him on what we call the greyhound walk. It’s about a two-mile walk around a pond near the apartment where I used to live. Given Ufi’s health problems, Emma’s slowing before that, and the fact that Scorpio got hurt the last time we took the greyhound walk, it had been a couple of years since we had that walk.

We named it the greyhound walk, because Scorpio loves his walks. He can’t wait to sniff things and pee on them. I have never had a dog who likes walks as much as Scorpio.

The walk was great for Mom and I too. It was a nice chance for us to share memories of the times Ufi and Emma went on the walk with us.

We remembered Ufi hiding on his leash in the tall grass and jumping out on grandma.

We remembered Emma refusing to walk until either the person coming petted her or she knew they wouldn’t pet her.

By the end, Scorpio was tired. But the three of us got a lot out of celebrating his birthday with another greyhound walk.

Yesterday afternoon, Mom made him a birthday cake. It’s an orange cake that we eat with orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream. It’s delicious. It was one of Ufi’s favorites during the last year of his life. Mom said Scorpio really enjoyed his cake.</p.

Happy birthday, Scorpio. You are truly a wonderful pet. Your 11th birthday is a memory we will hold in our hearts.

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