Personal Updates for July 11, 2020

This post will discuss exercise, my job, Scorpio, and a relationship holding pattern.

I have reached my exercise goals for 30 consecutive days. Obviously, I have work to do, but I’m headed in the right direction.

When I do the elliptical, I can tell I have made progress and that I’m getting better all the time. I’m loving shooting baskets. Even though I’m not very good and I’m certainly not smooth playing, I really enjoy shooting baskets. Even though I know I’m not very good, I can honestly say I’ve been getting better. I love the sound of the ball going through the net. It has made me happy since childhood.

The last week has been difficult for Scorpio the greyhound. He is afraid of the noise being made by fireworks. A week later, people are still setting them off around here. Sadly, I wish fireworks were made illegal. Too many people can’t handle the responsibility and either they don’t know or care about the trauma they are causing so many animals to experience.

Last week was the least stressful week I have had working in many. Still, I’m interested in a new job. I’m not at all convinced I can make a real difference working for Portland or that I can come close to achieving my potential.

I’m still thinking about being single. I’m surprised at how much the pandemic has highlighted my single status for me. I don’t yet have any real plans to try and do something about not being single. But I wish I wasn’t single. Maybe something will just happen. After all, 2020 is a strange year.

My not having a plan to find someone is a direct result of the pandemic. I’m not sure how to go about it when I’m hardly going anywhere. I could participate in more virtual events, but I do enough virtual things at work. Since the weather is nice, I want to be outside when I’m not working. So, I’m in a holding pattern when it comes to a relationship.

I will stop for now. I hope all of you are hanging in there. Now, hanging in there seems like the most we can do.

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