We had an Excellent Thanksgiving

Knowing this is going to be Ufi’s last Thanksgiving, Mom and I decided we would have it at home. It was everything we wanted Ufi to have for his last Thanksgiving.

Thanks to Mom, we had lots of incredible food; in fact, we have tons left over. We’ll be enjoying great meals and desserts all weekend.

Ufi and Scorpio really loved their shares of the food. While I feel like I’m going to bust, they are both still begging. I can’t believe how much they can eat.

Before the dinner, we took the usual walk around the block, Ufi walked much better than he did on Tuesday. Honestly, he is showing know signs of cancer. If you didn’t know of his diagnosis, you would think he had severe arthritis and nothing else.

Walter and Rodney are two friends of ours who used to live across the street. They are older adults with cognitive disabilities. Walter has no contact with his family and Rodney has very little with his. When we heard they would be alone for Thanksgiving with no good food, Mom and I decided to have them join us.

They were so appreciative. They kept telling us how much they love us and how much they enjoyed the food. Seeing them laugh and enjoy themselves was a true highlight of the day.

For Mr. Rogers, who doesn’t really eat people food, today was a regular day for him. He loves it when I’m home. He can get even more petting and being held. As I write this, he is right next to me on my bed.

The only damper on the day is that we had to celebrate Thanksgiving without Emma. Our beloved girl would have been thrilled by all the food and the chance to see Walter and Rodney. We miss her all the time.

Even though we morned Emma today, there is no question that we had the Thanksgiving we wanted. It was, given all that has been happening, exactly what we needed from our Thanksgiving.

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