Personal Updates for August 31, 2019

As I have been discussing, this has been a bad summer. So, let’s begin this personal update with some good news.

ADA Coordinator Certification

Monday, I passed the exam and became a certified ADA coordinator. This is a certification I have wanted since November. In order to get the certification, I had to take more than a dozen online and in-person courses, and pass an examination.

I wanted the certification to improve and demonstrate my knowledge, and to give me a shot at better jobs. With the ADA coordinator certification, I now have the backing of the ADA National Network to support the idea that I can run an Americans With Disabilities program for any entity covered by the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Emma Update

Emma has been gone for more than four days. We got her ashes yesterday. Now, she is resting on the couch. Anyone who knows Emma, knows that’s where she would be resting.

Mom and I know Emma would want us to enjoy the long weekend. So, we are having a barbecue today; Emma couldn’t imagine us enjoying ourselves without some of Mom’s great cooking.

Ufi Update

Ufi went to the vet yesterday. Our vet said he is doing amazingly well. She still believes he has cancer, but she says we can be optimistic and hope for the best.

Since it hurts him to undergo the ex-rays, we decided to wait another month. By then, it will have been two months since his cancer diagnosis. If the thing in his ankle hasn’t grown, Ufi will be cancer-free.

Since we don’t know for sure, I’m still reminding myself Ufi has cancer and enjoying the tremendous energy he still regularly shows.

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