Reviewing Where we go from Here

Bernie Sanders’s Where we go from Here is a book recapping his efforts to bring about a more progressive America in the era of Donald Trump. As someone who has supported Bernie and donated to his campaign, I was excited to read the book. Now that I have finished, I can say something really left me thinking.

While the whole book was worth reading, Bernie’s reading of a speech he gave on foreign policy really stood out to me. While I greatly appreciate Bernie’s domestic agenda, I don’t think he talks enough about foreign policy. Listening to the speech in this book, I was convinced he should address foreign policy more.

America needs a new, progressive foreign policy. The days of endless war, unquestioning support of the military industrial complex, and an unwillingness to spend money supporting humanitarian efforts around the world must come to an end. I wish more people were familiar with Bernie’s foreign policy positions.

On the domestic front, Where we go from Here is exactly what those of us who want Bernie to be the next president would expect. Honestly, it’s hard for me to understand why more people don’t realize that the progressive agenda popularized by Bernie is the best path forward for the American people.

While I wasn’t surprised Bernie didn’t discuss people with disabilities, I was disappointed. As progressive as Bernie is, even he doesn’t understand the need to include those of us with disabilities. Yes, he has a page that talks about disability on his website, but it focuses on health care and he never discusses us.

At this point, I’m wondering when I’ll ever get to support a candidate who really cares about things that so impact my life because I am a person with a disability.

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