Update on me and Ufi

The update on me isn’t great. The update on Ufi is better.


I got my new prosthetic eye on August 6th. Sadly, my eye didn’t respond to the new prosthetic. It never felt right. After having it in for about 10 days, I wound up having to remove the prosthetic. My eye had turned very red. It was getting more-and-more uncomfortable.

After my latest trip to the doctor, it has been decided that the entire implant will be removed. The surgery, which is much more involved than was the removal of the cyst, is scheduled for October third. Since they are concerned there may be an infection, they are going to try to get me in earlier.

At this point, it doesn’t look like I will have a new prosthetic until early December. Obviously, this process has been much more involved and difficult than I could have imagined.


Ufi continues doing well. We are becoming more convinced of the possibility the diagnosis was wrong. Still, I’m not getting my hopes to high. I’m still believing he has terminal cancer. But the diagnosis came more than three weeks ago and he isn’t showing signs of serious illness.

Those of us who know Ufi know his activity level has fallen. When he first gets moving, he kind of limps. But we are hoping those are signs of serious arthritis and that the bump in his a piece of bone that splintered when he fell playing.

I’m thinking we will have his leg ex-rayed in about two weeks. By then, we should know if it really is cancer by the size of the thing. If it’s a cancerous tumor, it would have grown.

So, keep your fingers crossed. I don’t think Ufi’s leg will allow him to guide again, but maybe we can enjoy him for years to come.

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