Why Sanders is Better Than Warren

I have supported Bernie Sanders since early in the 2016 campaign. I have made two contributions to his 2020 campaign.

I like Elizabeth Warren. Her focus on policy is refreshing. I agree with much of what she says.

While Warren is the only candidate besides Sanders I would enjoy voting for, there are to fundamental differences between them that give Sanders a serious edge.


The biggest difference between Sanders and Warren is that Warren calls herself a proud capitalist. The idea that progressive ideals can become realities in a capitalistic society is simply naive. The idea behind capitalism, especially American capitalism where corporations are regularly subsidized by government, that true systemic reforms are possible is absurd.

Warren has a plan to create universal, single-payer health care. There is no way health insurance companies will ever allow the creation of universal, single-payer health care. The purpose behind universal, single-payer health care is to put health insurance companies out of business.

Warren has a good plan on student loan forgiveness and free college. Does anyone believe the banks, who make huge profits off of student loans, will enable true student loan reform and free college to become law?


The other big difference between Sanders and Warren is Bernie’s understanding of the need for a revolution. Corporations and the wealthy are not going to give up their power easily. They aren’t going to sit by while the rigged system they have carefully created through decades of political bribes is destroyed. For universal, single-payer health care, free college, student loan forgiveness, a foreign policy that doesn’t prop up the military industrial complex, and more–the people must take back our country!


Warren is nice. Warren is very intelligent. Warren is committed to the right ideals. Warren doesn’t understand that without systemic reform that replaces capitalism with a system that respects humanity and puts the power in the hand of the people–just policies and noble ideals will never become realities in America.

If you believe in progressive policies, you can’t afford to be fooled by the shiny proposals Warren offers. Without a revolution bent on replacing capitalism, policies and ideals are little more than talking points.

Like most people, I want to vote for a woman president. But I want to vote for a revolutionary president more than anything.

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