Reviewing the Honeywell T5+ Thermostat

The Honeywell T5+ is something I have wanted for a long time: a thermostat I can control independently. So far, I’m very happy with it.

As a blind person, I have never had a truly independent way to know the temperature of my home and the ability to change it to the exact temperature I want. So, I have been thinking about a smart thermostat for a long time. In considering smart thermostats, I wanted one that, if possible, had an app I could use. I also wanted one that works with Apple’s HomeKit. The ability to know my indoor temperature and the chance to change it with Siri is something I really wanted. As I’m sure you can guess the Honeywell T5+ met both my requirement for an accessible app and compatibility with HomeKit.

Mom and Aunt Barb had little trouble installing the T5+. The instructions seemed very easy to understand. The whole process took them less than an hour. That includes having to install the C wire for power at the thermostat and furnace levels. Since neither of them had done something like this before, I was as proud of them as they were proud of their accomplishment.

Once the thermostat was working, I used the accessible Honeywell Home app to configure the thermostat. The process was accessible, but some of the screens required me to explore the screen to find the needed buttons. But everything was labelled to read with VoiceOver.

As a part of the app setup process, you do need a code that flashes on the thermostat’s display. So, configuring the T5+ to work with the Honeywell Home app is not as accessible as it could be today.

Setting the thermostat to work with HomeKit was not as accessible as I would have liked. Even if I knew the code, the process didn’t allow for it to be manually entered; instead, the camera on the phone must be used to report the thermostat’s code to the iPhone.

Once I had the settings and HomeKit configured, I loved being able to ask Siri for the indoor temperature. Getting her to change the temperature was honestly a little exciting.

For the first time in my life, I now have total control over the temperature in my home. That’s exactly what I was hoping to accomplish. Thanks to Mom and Aunt Barb, it’s working as well as I could have expected.

Now, I can start looking forward to the day when the process of installing and configuring something like the T5+ is accessible.

I can also look at other HomeKit-compatible devices. Next up will be a smart lock.


  1. You have always wanted a thermostat That you could control, since the 1st time I went to Medford Ma. That has been many of years ago. It’s really sad that something as small as controlling the temperature inside your home could mean so much to someone. Us sighted people sure take a lot of everyday thing for granted. I don’t think there is a day in my life that controlling the heat every made me smile or happy. After all it’s just a thermostat on the wall. Most people won’t understand how something like this can change your life.
    As far as putting the new thermostat in for you, your aunt Barb did most of it. Without her you probably still wouldn’t have it. She loves all of these new gadgets That are coming out and or already out on the market. She loves making your life easier. Remember when u 1st started your job? Your aunt Barb would look for the best way for you to get to work or to other places downtown Portland for meetings. She would look at a map for hours it seem like. Just so you could get to a place on time without getting lost. Since all of the apps u tried didn’t work. Portland has to be the worst for someone’s GPS not working. Maybe someday they will see just how the little things in life means so much to others.
    Your aunt Barb and I would do anything we could to make your life better. As you do for us. We both love you so much. And we know u love us too.

    1. You make a lot of good points. The world isn’t nearly as accessible as it should become. Also, I know I had to buy an expensive thermostat to have even basic access to it. Still, I know things are getting better.

      You are right about us doing our best for each other. That’s the most important thing. Not only did we get the thermostat working, but we had some laughs, learned things, and made memories.

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