It’s Ufi’s Turn to be Sick

Less than a week ago we got the good news that Mr. Rogers doesn’t have cancer. Now, we are worried about Ufi’s liver.

For the last month or so, Mom and I have been noticing that Ufi was urinating more than normal. Since he has been on steroids to treat his allergies since August, the increased urinating was a concern. I scheduled an appointment for today with our vet.

This morning, I woke up to Ufi urinating in the kitchen. I have had him for more than six years; he has never urinated inside. Mom let him outside and he went again. Getting ready for the vet, I was really worried about his kidneys.

It turns out his kidneys are fine; however, his liver is under stress. The Alt enzyme is elevated.

Mom and I have decreased his daily steroid dose more than the vet suggested. That may not be the best idea, but we are nervous. If the urinating is a bad problem, Ufi will have to retire.

He is having an ultrasound next week to see if he has suffered damage to his liver. We will also be watching to see how his skin does on the much lower dose of steroids.

At this point, all we can do is take things as they come. Things looked bad for Mr. Rogers, but today he is outside enjoying his life. So, we will hope the same good luck falls on Ufi.

I sure wish I could post something up lifting. It has been a difficult couple of weeks.

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