Good Guys with Guns Kill Other Good Guys With Guns

On Friday, it was announced that Officer Ron Helus, who died at the mass shooting at the Borderline bar, was killed by another police officer. According to the medical report, Officer Helus was shot six times, but the fatal round was fired by a member of the California Highway Patrol.

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Abortion and the Second Amendment

Sadly, the big story of the day is yet another mass shooting. As I write, we know a 46-year-old white man (I won’t write his name) with a long history of antisemitic posting online shot at least 12 people in a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania synagogue.Currently, reports are saying four of the 12 victims have died. Six victims are injured. Four of the injured are police officers. Two of the injured are dealing with serious injuries. Obviously, this is a fluid situation. What we know will update and change.

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