Personal Updates for September, 20, 2020

This post has updates about my exercise, our search for a new dog, and an update on how I have been feeling.

My Exercise

I have now reached my exercise goals for 101 consecutive days. Since the air was better, I was able to get outside and shoot baskets. Having shot baskets for 68 minutes, I didn’t need to do the elliptical to meet my goal. That is a good thing, because my legs were getting tired. I had done the elliptical every day for more than a week.

I have delayed increasing the resistance on the elliptical because of the smoke. Truthfully, it was much harder to exercise in those conditions than it is normally. Also, I didn’t want to stress my legs too much because I had to do the elliptical every day to reach my daily goal.

Our Dog Search

A couple of days ago, we inquired about another dog who was up for adoption. Sadly, she had been adopted that morning. So, the search will continue. The Pyrenees rescue group said they were expecting more dogs this weekend. Hopefully, we will find our girl this week.

How I have Been Feeling

Honestly, it still wasn’t the best week. I took Friday off from work. I really needed the extra day. Even with that, I’m not looking forward to the week.

But the smoke largely disappearing for now and the return of the sun was great for me. I really needed time under the sun. I went more than a week without shooting baskets. If I wrote this update two days ago, I would have been less energetic and hopeful than I am now. It’s unfortunate that someone who loves the sun so much lives in Oregon.

Even though I had a good weekend, I still would say I’m hanging in there. The nice weekend doesn’t solve the restlessness I feel with my job or the fact that I don’t want to be single. But it does help me feel better about what’s happening.

I don’t want this to sound wrong, but I try to never forget that many have lost more than me during the pandemic and/or from the climate disasters destroying so much of our country. While there are things about my life I wish were better, I realize I’m lucky for what I have and for where I am now. With all the difficult things we are facing, I know it’s important to remember that many folks are really suffering through some very hard times now.

Before going, I want to once again say I hope you’re hanging in there. If you’re barely hanging in there, I’m sorry so much is going wrong. We aren’t all in this together. Some of us have lost much more and are suffering to a higher degree. If you’re struggling for any reason, even if it doesn’t sound as serious as what you know others are feeling, remember it’s okay to feel down. Be patient with yourself as we all navigate these tragic times. For now, largely hanging in there is one hell of a good job.

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