Ufi Will be Leaving us on Thursday

I believe I have found the in-home service we will use. As of now, I’m planning to help Ufi end his journey on Thursday at around 4:30.

Since I wrote yesterday, Ufi is showing some signs of digestive issues. While they don’t appear too serious, I’m even more convinced we are doing the right thing.

My plan is to take Thursday and Friday off. That way, I will have three days to begin adjusting to life without Ufi. Aunt Barb will be with Mom and I as we all say goodbye to our beloved Ufi.

That’s all I can say now. It’s going to be an emotional week.


  1. Hi Jonathon – our hearts are heavy with this news. Please know we are thinking of you as you take care of Ufi during this difficult transition. Your plans for Ufi show how much you care for him. I can think of no better way to honor his life. Sending love and blessings to all.

  2. Dear Jonathan, it’s Cynthia, Ufi’s first puppy raiser. Since we last communicated I’ve been reading your posts. We are so sorry to hear that Ufi’s time is coming to an end. You have given him such a beautiful life of partnership and love. We will be thinking of you all! With great love and peace, Cynthia and family

    1. Thank you very much. Over the coming days, I will be sharing photos and videos from the time we have been lucky to have with him.

  3. Jonathan:
    I’m so sorry to hear about Ufi. Our hearts are with you all, and hope that if you all need support, Liz and I are here for you, Barb, and your mom. It is my belief that good dogs come back to us; love is eternal. Take good care.
    ~Jacki Leach

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