Ufi and I are Having a Good Weekend

Since Ufi is way more popular than me, we will start by talking about him.


Mom said Ufi made it all the way around the block on Friday. That meant he was able to do it twice this week. This morning he took a shorter walk. After his dinner, we played with his ring for a few minutes.

Except for the problems with his leg, Ufi is still not showing any signs of bad illness. It’s amazing that we are almost at seven months since his cancer diagnosis.

With some luck, it won’t rain tomorrow. If we get lucky, Ufi and I can enjoy the holiday outside and playing when he can.

I’m starting to imagine the possibility of enjoying some warm spring days with Ufi; maybe, he will even get in his pool again. I don’t want to get ahead of things. But I can’t help but imagine more beautiful days with Ufi. Ufi, Mom, and I all love the nice weather so much. Given what we thought last summer, having him for more days like that would be a true miracle.


This week, I battled a bit of a cold. Apparently, someone at my brother Reggie’s birthday party was sick. I know at least four people who attended the party and got colds later.

Today I started feeling better. Not only did I play with Ufi, but I shot baskets twice. It was nice being outside and moving around.

I got my taxes filed. I’m so relieved to have that done. Like most people with no kids, I paid a lot. Looking at the positive, my refund will be nice. Still, I would gladly pay more if we had Medicare for All.

I have made six donations to Bernie’s campaign. I can’t believe how well he is doing. We have a real shot at seeing our revolution come to fruition.

Amazingly, my nearly two-year battle with Social Security has seemingly ended. While I truly appreciate the support I got when it was really needed, the system is in desperate need of reform.

Earlier this week I attended a meeting of the communications committee of the Portland Democratic Socialists. They seem interested in working on making the organization more accessible. While I wish I could have shown up and not had to advocate for accessibility, I’m glad they are listening. Even more, I’m looking forward to contributing to projects that mean much to me.

That’s All

I hope all of you are well.

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