Update on Ufi and Me

In this update I will discuss my brother’s birthday and the nice Day Ufi and I had.

Last night was our celebration of my brother Reggie’s 40th birthday. The event was held at a bar. So, it wasn’t my kind of place. Also, those in attendance are either much more conservative than me, or they don’t follow politics. Since politics is very much on my mind now, I didn’t really feel like there was much I could say to people.

Reggie and I did have a nice discussion about the Super Bowl. I know he was glad Mom and I were there. Also, he liked the gifts we brought.

Even though it wasn’t an exciting night, I’m glad I was there. It was nice to wish him a happy birthday and Mom was glad I attended.

Today was dry. So, I got to shoot baskets. As always, I wasn’t particularly good, but I did enjoy playing. I’m really ready for spring.

After his dinner, Ufi wanted to play with his ring. I was able to toss it about 15 times. Once, he dropped it at my feet and barked for me to get going.

Feeling his tail wag against my leg and knowing he’s happy is so good for me. I love the fact that he’s still looking for his toy and interested in being as active as his leg allows.

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