Ufi is Hanging in There

It has been a couple of weeks, I think, since I posted an update about Ufi. Since posts about him are the most read on here, I thought it was time for an update.

Amazingly, he is still doing pretty well. It has been more than seven months since his cancer diagnosis and he is still with us.

The tumor in his leg is growing. His walking is quite compromised. But the ramps he has make it easier for him to go in and out of the house. The carpeting we have put down has made his navigating around the house much easier and safer.

Friday, he actually made it all the way around the block. Mom said he rested about five times, but that was his first trip around the entire block in a couple of weeks.

Today, he and I spent a couple of hours outside. I tossed his ring about 15 times. It wasn’t the most exciting thing I have done recently, but I know our chances to play ring are dwindling. So, I was thrilled to pet and talk to him while he rested. When he was ready, I would toss the ring again.

We even played a very modified version of chase. He walks slow. I give him the space he needs. When he puts his ring down, I pick it up and move a few paces away before tossing it. That way, he can sort of track it through the air, but I’m doing more of the walking.

Today, was another wonderful memory that Ufi and I were able to share. I truly cherish days like today and appreciate the miracle that he has loved us for so much longer than our vet believed we could expect.

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