February Update on my Resolutions

Here is an update on my resolutions for this year.

Getting in Shape

So far, this one has been a mixed bag. On the plus side, I’m doing a much better job exercising. I have done a good workout at least four times every week. On the down side, I’m not yet doing a good job changing my bad consumption habits. Most disappointing is I’m still drinking Coke. I have less than 20 cans left though. I’m not going to buy more.


Given my experience as an adoptee, I have decided to see if I can volunteer to assist kids in the foster program. I would love to use the combination of my life experience and legal background to help kids too often ignored.

I don’t yet know which organization I will meet with yet, but I have an idea of what I want to do.

I’m also going to contact Portland Public Schools and see if there is a way I can mentor a blind child or two. I wish I had a mentor when I was in school. So, I need to see about trying to help a kid in that way.

Getting More Involved

Next week, I’m going to a meeting with the communications committee for the local chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. I’m looking forward to helping them become more accessible. I’m also excited by the chance to work with others who share my very progressive politics.

Getting Additional Certifications

I have been studying for the accessibility professional certification. I’m thinking I will schedule the exam in the next 10 days.

Traveling Abroad

I’m not very far on my plan to travel abroad for the first time. Even though I think going to the Middle East would be fascinating, I’m going to have to go to a place that speaks English. Since I’ll, almost certainly, be going alone, I will need to be in a place where I can easily ask for directions.

Keeping a More Regular Schedule

I went into the year with a lifetime of experience telling me this one would be difficult. With that understanding having been acknowledged, I will say I have done better at keeping a regular schedule than I usually do. I can’t say I’m doing it enough, but I’m doing it fairly often.


In total, I think I’m doing pretty well with my resolutions so far. Obviously, I could do better. But I can honestly say I’ve made some progress on all of them.

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