I got my New Eye

With a little luck, the more than six month saga around my new prosthetic eye is over.

I came home waring a new prosthetic right eye. This time, Mom had them make it look more blue. Mom and Aunt Barb say it looks very real.

If the new orbital implant holds and the new eye fits right, I should be set for at least a decade. This time, I think I will have my prosthetic polished at least annually. I never got my previous prosthetic polished.

For some reason, I’ve begun wanting my left eye, which is not a prosthetic, to look more like my new prosthetic. Even though I have always had one prosthetic and one human eye, I have never before cared that they match. I have no idea if anything can be done to make my left eye look more like my prosthetic, but I’m going to research it. I’m not expecting my eyes, even if they both looked more acceptable, to make me more popular; I’ve never been popular. But it would be nice to know what could be done to at least make them look more alike.

So, there’s something else for me to update you on down the road.


  1. I think if you did make your eyes match ,more people would take u more serious. At work and in everyday issuers.
    Do u think you would open your eyes more if they matched?

    1. I agree some people would see me more positively than they do now. Sadly, this kind of superficial thing matters a lot.

      I would have to learn to keep my eyes open. I think I would try.

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