Reviewing the Institute

The Institute is another thriller from Stephen King. The Institute was an exciting read. If you like Stephen King, you’ll like The Institute.

Luke Ellis Is a childhood genius. On his way to MIT and Emerson, Luke tries hard to be a regular kid. But his telekinetic powers have caught the interest of a group of truly terrible people.

One night, Luke is asleep in his bed when his parents are murdered, and he is drugged and kidnapped. Luke wakes up in a room made to look like his at a place the other kids there call the institute.

Luke learns very quickly that Mrs. Sigsby and the rest of the staff are very willing to abuse children to get compliance. Far from home, being abused, and becoming aware of the reality that he is not supposed to ever go home, Luke starts to wonder how he can escape.

While there were parts of The Institute that were too unbelievable for me, I really enjoyed the story. If you like the supernatural, you will like The Institute.

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