Reviewing the Marching Season

The Marching Season is the second in Daniel Silva’s Michael Osbourne series. Even though I love a good spy novel, the Osbourne series isn’t doing it for me. The Marching Season was all right, but I don’t believe I’ll continue with the series.

A renegade group of terrorists, determined to destroy efforts to bring peace to Northern Ireland, carry out three terrible attacks in a single night. Douglas Cannon, Osbourne’s father-in-law and a former senator, is sent to London to help keep the peace process moving. Hearing about a threat on Cannon’s life, Osbourne sets in motion a series of events full of lies and deceit.

For me, The Marching Season is a caricature of a spy novel. No one good dies. It’s obvious how the interpersonal conflicts will be resolved. The book just didn’t catch my imagination.

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