Ufi is doing Okay

Ufi has been doing better than I was expecting him to be doing. He really has a strong will to live.

Like Mom and I, Ufi seems happier when the sun shines. For the last three days, weather has been at least decent. Each of the last three days, Ufi has taken two walks around the block. Wednesday and today, he played with his beloved orange ring for a few minutes.

Feeling the breeze from his wagging tail as he chases his ring makes me so happy. Sure, he doesn’t play for long. I roll the ring now. But he’s doing what he can and it’s making us both so much happier.

I can’t believe he’s taking two walks around the block. I was convinced once was enough for him. But Tuesday I picked up his leash in the afternoon and he wanted to go

That day, we went to the first corner and turned around. But the last three days he has wanted to keep going.

Given the heat, and maybe because of his leg, Ufi has needed a little rest during the second walk. Still, he’s doing it. Most importantly, he’s enjoying it.

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