Thoughts on the September Democratic Debate

The debate did nothing to change the status of the race. Sanders, Warren, and Bide will remain the leaders. Still, there are things worth discussing.

Health Care

The debate over universal health care is becoming very frustrating. Let’s be clear: If you don’t support Medicare for all, you don’t support everyone having health insurance.

When the disingenuous centrist claim that Americans want choice, I scream at the the television. When the lying centrists talk about 149 million Americans with private insurance wanting to keep their insurance, I wish I was up there.

Let’s cover this again: if you have private insurance, you have almost no choice. Your employer and the insurer you get from them determines way more about your health care than do you and your doctor. I have private insurance. Under Medicare for all, you could go to any doctor or hospital that would see you. That’s real choice!

Joe Biden

Biden, once again, looked incompetent. He stumbled over words, was sometimes incoherent, and raised the prospect of parents leaving on record players for kids at night.

I don’t have a thing against the elderly; I support Bernie Sanders. Bernie is older than Biden. But Bernie is quick on his feet. He doesn’t say things that make you cringe, or remind you of his age.

The people still supporting Biden have to ask one critical question, what will he be like in five years? If he were to win, Biden would be president in five years. Given his obvious decline, can anyone imagine him being together enough to be president in five years?

Betto and Guns

What happened in El Paso was a tragedy. But Betto’s good response to the tragedy doesn’t change his total lack of appeal.

It’s great that Betto is leading the charge to get assault weapons off the streets, but we can’t forget Betto’s passed.

In 2018, Betto refused to indorse Democrat Gina Ortiz Jones in her bid to defeat Republican Will Hurd. Hurd has an A rating from the NRA.

Warren being attacked

So far, Warren has been largely left alone. When the centrists want to attack universal health care, free college, or any other progressive issue, they usually refer to Sanders. At some point, we will find out how Warren responds to a strong attack. Testing her ability to take the fire is important. Whoever wins the nomination will take a lot of abuse from Republicans.

Kamala Harris Stumbles

Her corporate sponsors in the media want us to believe Kamala Harris is a fighter. They tell us her years as a prosecutor make her uniquely qualified to tangle with Trump. They want us to overlook her record in favor of her story.

The problem for Harris is that she can’t show us she’s a good candidate. When questioned on her record, Harris deflects and rambles. Instead of showing toughness, she seemed to lack energy and passion.

Moving Forward

We still need several people to leave the race. Castro, Betto, Yang, and Klobuchar have no more chance of being president than me. It’s time for them to stop wasting our time during debates.

I still can’t figure out who will be the centrist alternative to Sanders and Warren. If I had to bet, I would go with Wall Street Pete. Sure, he has no chance–people of color know too much about his failures as mayor. But his Wall Street friends have helped him raise a lot of money.

The most interesting question out there is what will happen when Sanders and Warren have to go at each other?That will be the most consequential question of the race. Even though they have strong bases that don’t overlap, they will need to distinguish themselves from each other in order for their to be a winner.

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