Reviewing Dark Money

Jane Mayer’s Dark Money is won of the most important political books I have ever read. Dark Money is a difficult, infuriating, critical read for anyone interested in learning how the ultra rich, especially the Koch brothers, have used their wealth to ensure government works for them at the expense of everyone else.

Dark Money made me feel dirty. Reading it regularly upset me. Still, I’m very glad I finished.

Even though I have been an avid follower of politics since 1988, I am cynical of the power wealth has over government, and I know too many don’t realize how they are being manipulated, Dark Money ties things together in a way that left me more confident in my support for a revolution.

Since I knew the Koch brothers were greedy sleaze bags long before I read Dark Money, the most interesting part of the book was how it illustrates Obama’s naive incompetence. The reality that it took him more than two years to realize the the wealthy, corporations, and their stooges in the Republican Party would never work with Democrats was pathetic. Amazingly, the Democratic Party is having the same debate today.

Joe Biden is promising to return America to the days of bipartisan compromise. Even Elizabeth Warren is touting her support for capitalism.

Charles Koch and his allies would accept a Biden presidency, because they know how to defeat it. They would run circles around Elizabeth Warren as she defended a system that has enabled them to profit by killing us.

The biggest takeaway from Dark Money is the entire system is beyond repair. As long as politicians chase cash, both parties will refuse to represent the American people. As long as corporations control everything people see and read, too many people will fail to realize how they are being played.

The only way to stop the Koch network is to fight it with everything we have. There can be no compromise!

The key question for voters is: which Democratic candidate understands best that compromise Republicans is impossible? The answer is Bernie Sanders.

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