Personal Updates for July 27, 2019

This has been the worst week we have had in a long time. Still, we are trying to enjoy the good moments and not get sunk by the difficult ones.

Last weekend, my right eye (the one that was operated on in May) started bleeding. Tuesday morning, I had an unexpected, small procedure on the eye. It looks like things have been stabilized. I’m still on track to get my new prosthetic the first week in August.

My right eye has never worked. Every surgery I have ever had has been on my right eye.

I’m grateful for the understanding and flexibility I have been given by work. If I had many jobs, this week would have been even worse.

As I have been writing about, Ufi has been diagnosed with terminal bone cancer. Not knowing how much time he has and understanding the pain medicines could cause him stomach issues, we celebrated Scorpio and Emma’s birthdays today. Usually, they are celebrated in the first week of August. But we wanted to make sure Ufi could enjoy the barbecue.

He certainly enjoyed his huge steak, cake and ice cream. But today was not as good for him as was yesterday.

He was unable to finish the walk around the block. He didn’t pick up his ring. I’m aware there are going to be better days and worse days. I’m hoping he was tired from yesterday. I really don’t want today to indicate he has suffered a permanent reduction in capability. I know his ability to walk will someday be greatly diminished. I’m not ready for today to be that day.

He’s resting as I write this. I’m staying in the living room, because he feels better knowing my location. Hopefully, he will wake up tomorrow and feel a little more like moving around than he did today.

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