Mom’s Thoughts on Ufi and his Cancer

Below is the text of a post Mom wrote on Facebook about our losing Ufi.

It’s just not going to be the same here without my grandson (Ufi). This is his house, his backyard. We had to go through so much to give Ufi is own play area, putting in the fake grass cuz he’s allergic to grass. Ufi only got to enjoy it one summer–so unfair!!!

Ufi is such an Incredible grandson. I have never seen a smarter dog then Ufi!!! He is so smart. He knew his play leash from his work leash. When he worked, I would only show Ufi one time how to get to a new place. The next time they had to go there he could take jonathan right there.

I never had to worry about the both of them when they had to go out; Ufi also was Jonathan’s bodyguard. Yes, I said Bodyguard. As he had to stop people from thinking about robbing or hurting Jonathan. Ufi’s hair would go up on his back. Ufi would get a look on his face that would scare the shit out of someone. What more could a grandma want from a grandson?

Well, this grandma wants 1 more thing for Ufi–for him to live.

Ufi has so much  more life in him. To die now. He’s just too young to leave this earth and to leave us. Grandma isn’t ready to lose her wonderful grandson   Right now, especially because we didn’t have any time to prepare for something so terrible.

One day, U go to work the next day grandma takes u to the vet, and they tell grandma Ufi has cancer. How can I deal with that? I had to tell jonathan his son (Ufi) has cancer.

Then, because of the cancer jonathan has to retire his best and only friend. His best buddy they went everywhere together. Now, that is over too.


Right now this grandma is hurt, mad, and really pissed off. This part of our life isn’t suppose to happen right now. I keep thinking that the vet made a mistake and Ufi doesn’t have cancer and he’s going to give us more time to love him. That’s what this grandma wants.

More time with Ufi is all this grandma wants!

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