Reviewing the Schlage WiFi Deadbolt

Schlage WiFi Deadbolt replaces your existing deadbolt. By connecting to your home’s WiFi network, it allows you to control your door from anywhere through the Schlage Home app.

It seemed like installing the Schlage WiFI Deadbolt (Deadbolt) was a fairly easy process for Aunt Barb. Configuring the Deadbolt to get on my WiFi network and work with the Schlage Home app was also a regular process. There is one thing I should mention though, I kept getting an error message saying the Deadbolt couldn’t connect to my WiFi network. After I reset my router and restarted my iPhone, it connected without me having to reenter the WiFI network’s credentials.

I got the Deadbolt because we have had a few instances of someone getting locked out of the house. The ability to unlock the door with the keypad, which is an inaccessible touch screen, and the phone should make us less likely to have lock out issues.

I also like the ability to check the status of the Deadbolt from anywhere and being able to lock and unlock the door from anywhere. the fact that I can create up to 100 access codes is another strong selling point. I can’t imagine ever giving unfettered access to my home to 100 different people, but knowing those I love and trust can come in if they need or want to is a good thing.

The Schlage Home app is basically accessible with VoiceOver. There are a few buttons someone may want to label, but I don’t think I will. I already know what they do.

The Deadbolt works with Amazon and Google assistants. It doesn’t yet work with Apple’s HomeKit, but another Schlage lock does. So, I’m hopeful.

I got the lock for $249.00. Since it should last for years, I don’t consider that too much for the added convenience and security of being able to control my lock from anywhere.

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