Emma Has Arthritis

I have written several times about the problems Emma has been having walking. Last week, we found out she has arthritis in her spine and hips.

While the news isn’t surprising, it is sad. Emma will continue taking Rimadyl to manage any pain she is feeling and, of course, she really needs to lose weight.

I’m aware I do too. But this post is about Emma. We can discuss my shortcomings in a future post.

At her last appointment, Emma weighed 122 pounds. She weighed 85 pounds when she arrived in Mom’s yard. So, Mom is going to have to cut way back on the people food.

I must admit, Mom is doing a pretty good job so far. Since Ufi and Emma both are suffering health problems do, in part, to their weight gain, Mom understands the need to help them get lighter. It hasn’t been easiy for the three of them, but things are getting better. Mom and I both believe Emma has been a bit more active recently.

We are going to watch her for signs of pain, walk her when she will go, and hopefully keep helping her lose weight.

Emma is as sweet as any animal I have ever known. We have to keep her comfortable and happy for as long as we can.

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