Republicans Don’t Care About the Venezuelans

With Donald Trump on his way to a second summit with Kim Jong Un and mindful of the tragedy unfolding in Venezuela, it’s time to point out the obvious: the Republican Party doesn’t care about the people of Venezuela. The Republican Party isn’t bothered by what it calls Maduro’s dictatorial behavior in Venezuela. The Republican Party isn’t concerned about the food and medicine shortages being suffered through by Venezuelans.

You can’t claim to be upset by dictators while giving Kim legitimacy and telling the world he’s a great guy. You can’t claim to care about people starving and dying from a lack of medical care while praising a man who oversees a chronically hungry population and would rather spend money on nuclear weapons than medicine. You can’t claim to be upset by what you say is a dictator’s cruelty while congratulating the world’s worst human rights violator.

Talking with North Korea makes sense–as long as the person talking isn’t a moron and you realize North Korea will never denuclearize. But praising North Korea and refusing to raise human rights with Kim while accusing Maduro of being a dictator is absurd.

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