I’m Still Feeling the Bern

I just watched a CNN town hall with Bernie Sanders. As the title says: I’m still feeling the Bern!

In 2016, supporting Bernie was an easy call for someone as progressive as me. Hillary Clinton is simply not progressive. The 2020 field is exciting because of its diversity, progressive ideas, and energy. I’m still with Bernie because consistency matters.

Sure, many other candidates support universal health care. Many other candidates support free public college. Many other candidates want to tax the wealthy an appropriate amount. Many other candidates know Wall Street’s influence is way too huge. Many other candidates are refusing political action committee money. But Bernie is the only candidate who was willing to challenge the Clinton political machine to bring progressive ideals to the mainstream of political debate.

If you are looking for someone to get something done, logic dictates the person with a long track record of supporting those causes is a better bet than someone who only talked about them once polls said doing so was okay.

Bernie and Elizabeth Warren are the only real progressives in the race. I’m going with Bernie because he ran when she wouldn’t. If it wasn’t for Bernie, America wouldn’t want universal health care. That alone should give Bernie your support.

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