Wrong is Wrong

I’m tired of Republicans justifying Trump’s bad ideas and cruel policies by constantly trying to create false equivalencies with things done by Barack Obama or the Clinton’s. If something was wrong when a Democrat was president that something should be wrong today. If something is worse than anything done during a Democratic administration, it should be wrong today.

People point out the uselessness of the government shutdown, and Republicans want to discuss yesterday’s shutdowns. Of course, they forget the public rightly blamed Republicans for those too.

Barack Obama, frustrated by Congress’s inability to pass immigration reform, grants DACA to help millions of young people who didn’t do anything wrong, and Republicans scream about a constitutional crisis. Donald Trump shuts down the government for a wall opposed by a majority of Americans and that wasn’t funded by a Republican Congress for two years, and Republicans call for the declaration of a national emergency. Never-mind that using emergency powers to direct funds already approved by Congress for other projects to build a wall would create a constitutional crisis–Republicans demand action.

When the Trump administration is caught caging children, something decency should cause people to be outraged over, Republicans circulate photos taken of the conditions migrant children lived in under the Obama administration and attach to them misleading statements.

One of the saddest thing the Trump presidency has taught is that too many will sacrifice integrity, morality, and truth to get their way. Watergate led to Nixon’s resignation when Republicans told the president he had to go. Today, the Senate won’t vote on a bill to reopen the government that would pass with bipartisan support because Mitch McConnell is more interested in protecting Trump than he wants to protect America.

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