Married at First Sight Season Seven Review

Yes, I watch Married at First Sight. Yes, I’m very late with this review. I know season eight has begun.

I’m late because I watch the show with Aunt Barb, who got me into it, and we haven’t had time to finish. But I have caught up on what was the weirdest season so far.

Now because the Internet is clamoring for someone who has never been married to review a show on marriage, here is my review.

For starters, I’m certain they match some couples for drama. I believe they know some couples will fail. If not, the experts aren’t very expert.

Miah and Tristan weren’t ready for a commitment. Even worse, her insecurities and his overbearing tendency were a toxic match. The fact that neither of them was strong enough or honest enough to support their words with consistent actions, meant their marriage had no chance.

Admittedly, her arrest on the way to the honeymoon was a terrible way to get started. Still, Tristan kept saying he loved her. He kept proclaiming his commitment. For her part, Miah kept saying she needed to communicate better. She was always going to try harder. Every time they tested each other they both failed.

Miah and Tristan had an easy time professing love because they have no idea what love is or how to love.

Amber and Dave were also a poor match. Amber was into being married and having babies more than she was into working on a marriage and falling in love.

Dave seemed so focused on what his friends had that he was unable to give enough to what was in front of him. He believed he was working harder than he was and too often he looked to blame Amber.

Amber’s insecurities were a constant theme in their relationship. While it would be good for Amber if she had more confidence than she does, Dave was not the communicator he seemed to imagine himself being. Far too often he seemed to trigger her for no good reason. On the other hand, she seemed far too open to negative interpretations of his words.

The key to any relationship is communication. When it comes to communication, Amber And Dave both score low and their communication styles are not compatible.

To finish on a highpoint, let’s discuss Danielle and Bobby. Simply put, they have seemingly found the magic all of us single people want. Even though they both seem a little odd to me, their oddities obviously work for them. And at the end of the day, what makes a relationship work is finding someone whose strengths and weaknesses balance yours. If you throw in a healthy dose of physical attraction and a similar communication style–you have a winner.

Congratulations Dannielle and Bobby! I wouldn’t want the kind of life you have built, but I would love to have the feeling you have. Since it’s the feeling we all want and the reality that we all don’t share the same life goals, I will admit to watching you and eagerly awaiting the love you have.

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