GOP Senators Should Promise to Expel Moore

The response of nearly every Republican senator to Roy Moore’s pedophilia and sexual assault of a minor has included the words “if true.” Anyone who read the account of the victims and the dozens of witnesses who report being told of the incidents around the time they occurred would not be engaging in the kind of victim shaming that the GOP is currently encouraging and supporting. The words “if true” send the unmistakable message that the veracity of the victims is questionable. Perhaps more despicable and telling is that the words “if true” imply that Moore’s embarrassing denial could be true.

Leigh Corfman, the victim Moore assaulted when she was 14, described Moore’s underwear. She described his unpaved driveway.

When asked about dating teenage girls when he was in his thirties, Moore said, “That’s out of my customary behavior.”

Notice the lack of a clear, consistent, unequivocal denial?

On one hand, Leigh Corfman, who can describe Moore’s underwear, should be questioned. On the other hand, Moore, who at the time was in his thirties and an assistant district attorney, and can’t categorically deny the possibility he dated teenagers should be given some benefit of doubt.

If Senate Republicans were truly interested in putting victims above politics, they would clearly state that if Moore wins they will exercise their constitutional right and expel him from the Senate.

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