Desiree Singing Valentine

Last Valentine’s Day I proposed to Desiree. She said yes, and my life became instantly better!

This Valentine’s Day will be a day after she has major surgery. Although we will be spending it together, it won’t be the kind of celebration we would have hoped to have. But the surgery is what is truly needed now. So, we will make the best of it and look forward to a day when she feels better.

Since she will be here and most likely still on strong medications, she wanted to sing her feelings early. So, she submitted a song for ACB karaoke. When I asked her what she was singing, she told me the song was called Valentine. Her voice told me she was up to something and that it was going to make me very happy.

Introducing her song, she told everyone she was engaged last year and that she didn’t want the day to go without a song. At least she said something like that. I was already smiling too big and was too warm inside to really hear.

Here is Desiree singing Valentine. I love you, Desiree! Thank you so much! It may not be what we would have wanted, but I’m thrilled to have the chance to spend Valentine’s Day with the love of my life.


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