I’m Getting Married

It has been too long since I have updated this site, but my reason for not posting for a while is a good one: I’m getting married!

Those of you who have been with me since the start of this site know some of the difficulties I had finding the kind of true, everlasting love I have craved. As I have said for almost two years now, I have found that with Desiree. Even though we got engaged on Valentine’s Day of 2022, logistics I won’t discuss here were making it impossible for us to plan a wedding and begin to plan our family. Recently, things have changed to the point where we can now get married and truly create our family.

I can’t say much about too many details yet, but I know we will be getting married in June. I can’t wait to be her husband! It will be the honor of my lifetime. I can’t wait to be with her younger children most of the time. I love those girls! I’m hopeful everything I have experienced will help me be the kind of positive influence in their lives I have always wanted to be on children.

If things stay on track, I’m months from having the kind of life I have dreamed about since childhood. Just writing and thinking about it makes me feel warm inside, causes my hart to beat a bit faster, and has me thrilled for what the future will bring.


  1. Hey Jonathan, it’s Paul69 from back in the day on Vorail. I’ve periodically found myself listening to various of your blog posts but, for whatever reason, decided not to comment … until now. It has definitely been a while, since I last recall the earliest references of your then as yet unidentified future bride in the earliest stages of finding her way into your life. I was very happy for you then and hopeful. Also, though, being somewhat jaded and skeptical as I am, I was partly worried that things may not work out. I’m so pleased that my concern at the all too often cruelty of the universe was unfounded. I’ll have to jump back a couple of years and skim through various posts so that I can get caught up on the positive developments at least in some semblance of chronological order. Based on a few of our conversations as well as some of what you’ve shared in various posts; not to mention my own multiple decades of similar frustrations; I have some idea of the challenges and disappointments you’ve faced as it relates to finding and maintaining true love. I very much hope you and Desiree have a wonderful wedding and I wish you both many years together, filled with support and comfort, health and happiness, laughter, love and so much more. … Paul

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