More Debt Ceiling Nonsense

The title of this episode is: More Debt Ceiling Nonsense. The verdict for this episode is: talk of the mythical debt means the American people will lose again.

Joe Biden and Kevin McCarthy are meeting Wednesday to discuss the debt ceiling and spending cuts. While Biden and White House staff are talking tough, the ending here is so predictable. Biden and the Democrats will cave. Republicans will raise the debt ceiling in exchange for spending cuts that hurt the American people. As always, those spending cuts will be deliberately targeted to hurt people with disabilities, people of color, people living in poverty, and the future of our planet.

Ukraine will soon have its tanks. Later, it will get long range missiles. The Pentagon will continue getting record breaking budgets even though it can’t account for huge sums it previously got. Police will keep getting more money. Corporations will keep making record profits. The rest of us will get even more screwed than we are already being screwed.

This outcome is predictable not because similar things have happened regularly over the last several decades. This is predictable because the politicians and their corporate masters created the debt ceiling to ensure the wealthy could keep getting rich off of government debt and then the debt could be used to scare the uninformed into believing that a looming fiscal crisis necessitates sacrifice. Meanwhile, the same people will continue getting richer and more powerful. The same people will continue being hurt. And the same people will be comfortable enough and scared enough to hide from the truth of what America has always been.

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